The Uprising ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 2 of the Seven Heroes)

The Uprising ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 2 of the Seven Heroes)

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               disclaimer: written before certain events pertaining to jinbop

              The Arcane Seven and the Pack have been turned back to the side of the good. But at what cost?
              Shelby, the Seven of Love, as well as their best chance at victory, has been captured by the Evil. Red and the Head of the Evil disappeared with her after the battle, slowly building up their army and spreading chaos among the kingdoms.
              Join the Seven Heroes as they make new friends, tie up loose ends, settle old rivalries, and heal broken hearts.
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              All rights reserved. I do not own the characters. They are real people who have YouTube channels. I tagged them down below. I only own the setting and storyline. I highly recommend reading The Evil before reading this, as things will probably make more sense if you read that first. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Ummm yeah ur totally not a character in a fictional book that lots of people read
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Yay Aphmau's back!
                              *Aaron walks in*
                              Me: NOPE *throws out window into dumpster and pulls Garroth out of nowhere and throws him at her*
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