The Billoniare's Model

The Billoniare's Model

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"You.Belong.To.Me"he said as he pressed me against the wall. My petite frame against his big ones, he pushed back a strand of my hair so that my eyes could be visible  to him. "And if I see any other guy work with you or touch you even by mistake"he says "Then do you know what I'll do my sweet Afeerah"he asked. I shook my head indicating a no, my heart rate fastened and I thought it was about to jump out of my body "I'll kill him right in front of you"he smiled with cruelty. What a monster "I hate you Aabdar".

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Afeerah Qasim is a beautiful smart and irresistible and like every girl can't  wait to get married. And know that she is she couldn't be more happier, well until she actually realizes who she got married to.

Aabdar Aaf is the ruthless billoniare he's arrogant and rude he hates everybody especially Afeerah but he's starting to doubt that he only married Afeerah for a price. He thought living with her would be easy, well we both know no guy can resist Afeerah Qasim.

Join Afeerah and Aabdar on thier love story of hate, jealousy, envy and will love be formed on the way add to find out.


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Gurl I would definitely do the same 😂 teen wolf is amazing 😍
Faith9883 Faith9883 Jun 09
SubhanAllah* please write Allah with capital A in everything just like how u write it in other stuff...*smiles* please don't find me rude for my corrections, I just did it for the sake of Allah and for helping a fellow Muslim barakAllahu Feeki *smiles again*
jihanmalik jihanmalik Oct 18
It's definitely worth it to stay up watching teen wolf seeing Dylan with his fine àss self 😍 I just love that show
I feel you. Nutella is life. Nutella is what ill be entering Jannah with
maryam_sm maryam_sm Jan 28
The names u hv selected r awesome,its  soo cool, i love it😀😀