Smile for Me

Smile for Me

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(First chapter rewritten 11/28/2016)
Jay's hobbies included smoking, drinking, and girls. Then his best friend got a boyfriend and he met Elias. Now his hobbies include teasing Elias.

Elias's hobbies include reading and researching. They do not include hanging out with Jay... no matter how much he hangs out with Jay.

They are definitely not friends. They are definitely not dating. But do they definitely like each other?

[Spin-off to Our Strange Love but can be read alone, before, or after]

[Updates every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.]

I have that when I'm pissed of. My expression stays the same and I just don't talk to anyone. And that last for hours
Do you know how happy this makes me? All the time in bxb or gxg romance books, people will go out with the same sex all the time, find one person of same sex attractive, and say 'oh, must be gay now.' As though being Bi isn't a thing.
What kind of club plays Taylor Swift? No offense, but I have never got club music from her sounds
ItIsMeTian ItIsMeTian Jul 19
Hi!!! Will future updates of SFM appear here and not on OST - Extras? I love your books so much :)))
JEliotMason JEliotMason Nov 28
I agree that the beginning has a little too much backstory. I think a lot of that info can be explained through dialogue. That's my two cents anyway.
Oh my God that's me every hook up, 'hurry up and cum'😒😄