Travlyn-Forever Yours

Travlyn-Forever Yours

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"Welcome to Love~Love Paradise! A water park resort where your bound to have fun! Whether you stay for a week, or a couple weeks! This is a water park resort where, blah bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla, who cares," I slammed the small brochure on the table, sighing out of boredom, "we've already been here for 2 weeks, and we barely got the paper today? I find that hard to beleive, that 'guy~de' person seems like he gets everything done so quickly."

"Katelyn something could have happened, you never know," Aphmau sat next to me with a drink in her hand, taking the brochure from me.

"Aphmau I don't care about guy~de, all I want is-"

"This sexay boday! Pchkkkkkkkk," I turned my head to the left, spotting Travis in the doorway with his arms out, flexing his 'muscles'. A warmth spread across my cheeks, I shook it off as I looked back at Aphmau.

"Anyways, gu-"

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Katelyn~," I heard a whisper in my ear, followed by two arms wrapping around the top half of my body. A shiver ran up my spine, feeling Travis' chest on my back.

"Travis g-get off of me," I stuttered out, peeling his arms from my body.

"C'mon Katelyn," Travis whined, putting his head on my shoulder.

"Travis get OFF OF ME!" I flicked Travis' nose, having him stumble off of me. I looked back at him holding his nose, smirking at me. My pale cheeks turned pink as I smiled, looking back at Aphmau, "anyways..." Travis walked past me upstairs, winking at me before he was out of sight. My stomach felt weird, like butterflies were in it. This happened whenever he told me a horrible pick up line, tried to flirt with me, or even be sincere about his feelings towards me. The feeling was great, and I felt it whenever I took into consideration the possibility of being in a relationship with him. I can't be falling for the street's Casanova, right?


Hello! It's me PastelMai, and Lizzee, Cookie, and myself proudly present our first book! A Travlyn FF! We hope you enjoy our story! ^_^