You Promised (Sans x Depressed!Reader)

You Promised (Sans x Depressed!Reader)

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Midnight_Underfall By Midnight_Underfall Updated Jul 16

" promised me..."

"You promised you'd never leave me..."

"Heh...I really am worthless, huh...?"


"I guess I should just let you be, then..."


KwirtyGames KwirtyGames Nov 13
I don't either. How does this THING squish! And what makes it so amusing?
"DO A FLIP!!" Shouts random person who's trying to lighten up the mood
Syendola Syendola Oct 17
F*ck off flowey, my suicidal thoughts are bad enough you idiotic egotistical b*tch
You're the idiot Flowey. People have reasons for these kind of actions.
At this point, I'd be like…
                              Me: Okay, okay, that's great n'all, but I don't care…
                              Flowey: *keeps blabbering on*
                              Me: *sighs* Later.
                              Flowey: Wha?
                              Me: *walks off*
                              Flowey: WAIT I'M NOT DONE!
                              Me: *sticks middle finger up* I DON'T CARE! *continues walking*
To flowey it's shrugging.
                              To humans it's a little flower dance 😂😂