Mac Tíre | Septiplier AU

Mac Tíre | Septiplier AU

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syd By Shipping-Hell Updated Aug 02, 2017

Ancient Irish Mythology speaks of many shape-shifters, one being the werewolf, guards of royalty and richer families. These beasts were known throughout the country to be holy, that is until a war broke out between the wolves and humans. 

Both parties retreated in fear of extinction. The ancient beasts remained in human form for most of their natural lives to stay alive while others put up a fight.

The year is 2016, Sean William McLoughlin,  better known as Jack, is one of many from one of the biggest packs in Ireland, he is a true omega, a son of the Alpha. Sean tries to live out a normal life when away from his pack, making a living off of a site called "YouTube", but when Sean meets a handsome man by the name of Mark Fischbach, Sean's inner wolf goes wild.

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fandomlystuff fandomlystuff Aug 27, 2017
He's actually a good dad and it's making me happy that he's not a jerk
hashtag-nico-says-no hashtag-nico-says-no Jul 28, 2017
Awwww! It's adorable that his father is so protective, and not a prick like most Alphas are..... I'M TALKING TO YOU WILLIAM!!!
SuicidalUglyGirl SuicidalUglyGirl Sep 24, 2017
Sean: So handsome...
                              His wolf: OMFG HE IS MY MATE LEMME AT HIM!!!
Absolutely Love how you described your book! Love it already :- P
InuChan18 InuChan18 Sep 07, 2017
1 question.
                              What is a heat and why do ya need suppressants?
                              (I feel stoopid.)
greenflamelover15 greenflamelover15 Oct 12, 2016
omg its sounds so good all ready and the part when it said "by the but when Sean meets  handsome man bu the name of Mark Fischbach, Sean's inner wolf goes wild" that really got me.