Little White Lies (Bill Cipher x Reader) [wattys 2017]

Little White Lies (Bill Cipher x Reader) [wattys 2017]

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Seven years post Weirdmageddon, (Y/N) returns to Gravity Falls with her best friend, Monty. They go back to her old cabin, expecting to catch up and meet with friends and make new memories.

A few days later, things take a turn.

A face (Y/N) really didn't want to see pops up. He shows up at her doorstep asking for assistance and maybe even forgiveness. He had enough time to craft a story to pull at her heartstrings, too.

Only, (Y/N)'s not so sure she can trust Bill Cipher. Especially not after everything he's done to her. 

This is a sequel
The first one's called Fool's Gold

Im a tv soo i guess that makes sense (Im actully wearing a mask like phone guy)
When the fire nation attack
                              There was an opportunity and I took it
I just.....
                              WANNA RUN AROUND NAKED IN THE WOOOOOOOODSSSSsssssss.
Goldclaw10 Goldclaw10 Jul 04
I know that feel bro
                              It's perfect and may have, possibly, made me cry a little
Gravityfallssixer Gravityfallssixer 5 days ago
Oh so that's who Monty was. I read his name as Morty btw 😂
Gravityfallssixer Gravityfallssixer 5 days ago
Me: Why. Stupid drunk dr-
                              Bill: Hello, Princess
                              Me: -ver.... WHAT THE HELL WHERE DID YOU-
                              Bill: *sighs*... Come from, how are you alive?
                              Me:.... I thought i-
                              Bill: -killed me
                              Me: but how-
                              Bill: -am I back in Gravity Falls?
                              Me: I...