Orphans | Septiplier

Orphans | Septiplier

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ashton By ashkrat Updated Dec 17, 2016

Mark and Jack are orphans at Mr. Calvin's orphanage. Jack finds out he is going to get adopted and runs away. Mark finds him but doesn't bring him back to the orphanage. 
Where does he take Jack?

(Name- Youtube)
Jack- Jacksepticeye
Felix- PewDiePie
Ken- CinnamonToastKen
Bob- Muyskerm
Wade- LordMinion777
Matt- Matthias
Matpat- Game Theory
Phil- AmazingPhil
Dan- danisnotonfire
Shane- shane dawson TV
AJ- Random Encounters
Mr. Calvin- LeafyIsHere
Mr. Neal- Good Mythical Morning

[Warning: Triggering subjects]

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