The Hall Of Broken Hearts (Book Two)

The Hall Of Broken Hearts (Book Two)

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Hatari/하타리 By hqheaven Completed

There is no such thing as a peaceful, happy life. Everybody has their up and downs, once in a while a problem comes.

How will they deal with new problems?

How will they deal with hurt, jealousy, pain and broken hearts?

Sequel to The Cafe Of Dreams.

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NarwhalOnSteroids NarwhalOnSteroids Oct 15, 2017
I don’t think I have ever rooted for a fictional character before, but GO BOKUTO
TwentyOneShizayas TwentyOneShizayas Aug 21, 2017
I've put this off for the longest time but HERE I AM WHOOP WHOOP i'm scared
Me in every situation where I'm SUPOSSED to remember something important
- - Jun 19, 2017
...I'm gonna stay quiet (is staying quiet because she is one of those people who always does very good on tests, quizzes, and exams.)
jessotaku_offcl jessotaku_offcl Apr 26, 2017
Can we just sit here for a moment and relate to this?
                              Yeah, you honor students too. I'm ain't gon exclude y'all
StarStorm1705 StarStorm1705 Jan 10, 2017
I choked on air reading this. 
                              What is this fanfic doing to me.