Step 1: Make Changkyun Stay

Step 1: Make Changkyun Stay

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"What?" Changkyun took another sip of his coffee, his eyes never leaving the elder.

"I said, Nubility, is debuting, again." Taehyuk repeated, as slowly as possible while he watched the younger for his reaction.
  Changkyun froze. "Wha...what?" He spluttered. Then, he began to cough. 

  Really hard.
  (alternatively, Changkyun thinks his members hate him and it's up to his members to convince him not to leave them)

****thanks to xibitsux for the cover****

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Rg1304 Rg1304 Nov 05
Blonde changkyun...i aint baby lookin good😉😂
lol I thought it was related to Nu'Est since it has "Nu'" on it hahahaha
OMAIGA I LOVE I've benn wanting this for so much and i dunno im so sad for Jongyeon but this will cheer up GADDDD I LOVE T_T <3
ujinielss ujinielss Sep 24
W-wait I feel like I saw him before but idk i'm not sure (and sorry for bad eng hehe)
Nutcraker1127 Nutcraker1127 Dec 21, 2016
I've learned a new word now. Thanks to Kihyun and Changkyun. I ship them so much.
xdentx xdentx Jan 21
This kid was gonna debut when he was 15 iydpyfpugc also I love his hair its beautiful