Something About Me {Completed}

Something About Me {Completed}

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roofthatcher By roofthatcher Completed

This book is to make your shitty day better and better day happy... lol

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16/12/2016 #7

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It's a diary of a beautiful, adorable girl n that girl is me...XD

So this book contains
*Something about me ...dah that's what the title says..
*My ups n downs
*Thought of the day..
*Book covers
Basically all the stuff which can make u smile....

I'm a girl who is stuck in her room with blue walls but kinda like that walls r blue
N I hv no frnds..(now I have though)..



  • covers
  • experiences
  • happiness
  • mee
  • mylife
  • needfriends
  • past
  • poems
  • positivity
  • present
  • sadness
  • thoughts
Dawn_Thorne Dawn_Thorne May 27, 2017
I guess if I we're in this scene, I'd be one of the people outside 😂😂 and save all of us like nobody is beating my hand no no no! Although I've been punished in the worst case scenarios XD
C_o_c_o_a C_o_c_o_a Oct 21, 2017
This is so me. I always ask for a reason you know as in why I shouldn't do it but in my mind i know I'll do it nonetheless
SiddharthaDamani SiddharthaDamani May 22, 2017
Teacher ke saamne jo accha impression tha vo toh gaya...
                              Leave that!!!
                              Enjoy with your friends!😂
SiddharthaDamani SiddharthaDamani May 22, 2017
                              Yes I'll not harm you!!😎😎
- - Nov 24, 2016
Kyu ki jise mnaa krte hain use pehle hi doubt ho jata hai ki aisa kyu keh rahe hain. Zroor koi secret hoga.
Writer_Mangi Writer_Mangi Jan 09, 2017
हां और ना के पीछे एक वजह होती है ..
                              यु कहिए एक secret होती है