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No Wings To Fly (boyxboy)

No Wings To Fly (boyxboy)

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PinkMochii By PinkMochii Updated Apr 29

Kai is physically and mentally abused by his mother. A secret only to to him, his brothers, and mom. His dad is out of the picture leaving him helpless and alone. People don't ask about the bruises or how skinny he is. People don't notice how scared he is. No one cares. Is what he made himself believe. That's what he always thought. Even his brothers didn't seem to care, it was just an everyday thing.                                                        He is alone.                                         Haunted.                                            Rejected.                                             Abused.                                              Starved.                                            Beaten.                                        Sometimes he just wants to end it all, but he knows that if he does that then his mother would win.                                      When a new rich kid that goes by the name Emmett suddenly starts to notice Kai's strange ways. He notices how he never eats or how all his clothes are dirty, worn out, and old. What he notices more is how skinny he is and the bruises that cover his body. Worry consumes the new junior, so he decides to help him no matter what.   Will Emmett be able to save Kai from his mother? Or better yet, will he be able to save Kai from himself? ****WARNING THIS IS A HARSH SUBJECT OF CHILD ABUSE AND IT IS NOT TAKEN LIGHTLY, ALSO IT IS BOYXBOY IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT DO NOT READ!!! ****

How can u hold back ur back ur tears when ur being beaten by ur own mother
This reminds me of a book I read in child development called "a boy called it"
Fernwen Fernwen Jun 05
I really like this so far! But this is some peoples reality and is interesting to learn about
Listening to breathe me by sia and reading this story makes it more sad :(
Theres an actual book like this based on a true story. Lol its sad
I'm trying to be sad, but I have the Phineas and Ferb theme stuck in my head (I haven't watched that show in so many years now. No idea why I am suddenly singing the bloody jingle). It's not the most somber song.