Love Me Blue | larry. [NOW ON AO3]

Love Me Blue | larry. [NOW ON AO3]

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A. By beautommo Updated May 25, 2017


Harry tugged on his daddy's hand, admiring the tattoos that littered his wrist, "daddy, are you awake?"

Louis smiled with his eyes closed, feeling someone's fingers try to pry open his eyelid, "yes."

The curly-haired little giggled from his spot beside his daddy, and kissed his nose. His cheeks felt like they were burning from the inside out. His daddy always made him blush. 

"Hiiii, daddy!"

"Hey, baby," Louis' groggy, morning voice greeted, "I just had the weirdest dream that a small, little monster with green eyes was tugging at my face."

"Wasn't a monster! That was me," Harry launched himself at his daddy's chest, and cuddle deep against him. 




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circella circella Aug 14, 2017
There's a myth going around, mate, it all stars with 'when green meets blue'
HarrysCumStains HarrysCumStains Jul 07, 2017
"I'm rather fond of a certain curly boy but I don't  want to jinx it yet"
crystallinelou- crystallinelou- Jan 11, 2017
my two friends did that in front of protesters of the pride parade, it was amazing
UnicornLogical UnicornLogical Dec 06, 2016
Crush on u ??? Lol no I don't have one why do these people think of this it's not like I have one *blushing so hard*