The Zodiacs and You

The Zodiacs and You

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Basically short descriptions and details about your zodiac. May or may not be true. Mostly for fun. Believe if you want.

So far, every chapter is written by me. I prefer not to take stuff from the Internet, as this is a Wattpad book and well, what's the use of creating one without writing the parts yourself? (excluded from this are the special chapters for zodiac seasons because I have to do research for them)

My usual update schedule now is 1-2 chapters per week... though it might fluctuate from time to time because of school.

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Ya I'm the earth I shall now devour all the ppl that bully me!
I’m more of a mix of earth and air but this is still right
I love being a fire sign, I’d literally burn everything to the ground if I had powers, I’m the destructive type 😈
Monnalita Monnalita May 25
I'm more of a fire person and well I guess fire comes from earth so it's cool
I don't really think I'm that much of an earth person, but okay:)
тнє fαвυℓσυѕ gємιиι fαмιℓу нαѕ gαтнєяє∂!