The Zodiacs and You

The Zodiacs and You

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Basically facts and details about your zodiac. May or may not be true. Mostly for fun. Believe if you want.

So far, every chapter is written by me. I prefer not to take stuff from the Internet, as this is a Wattpad book and well, what's the use of creating one without writing the parts yourself? (excluded from this are the special chapters for zodiac seasons because I have to do research for them)

I usually update 2-3 chapters per week!

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GeMiniMini_ GeMiniMini_ May 23
I would have loved to be fire or water, but I can deal with earth… BECAUSE WHY THE FK NOT
😂😂😂 This is funny because my brother, who is a Sagittarius, is fire and I'm a Cancer, which means my element is water... You could say that we don't mix..
I feel like Aquarius should be here cause it is the symbol of the water bearer
I was told I was water 
                              My name is Dasani like the water
                              I took a quiz online saying I was water
                              My whole family thinks I'm water
                              But the book says I'm fire YAY