Tsukiuta. Yaoi Oneshots

Tsukiuta. Yaoi Oneshots

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kohaku-chan By haruyayoy Updated Nov 22

《 want to see your favourite tsukiuta bl pairings? you chosen the right collection! 》

⇾ i do lemons ⇽

⇾ requests are open ⇽

⇾ title says it all so no straight or yuri ships ⇽

SakuraChiba SakuraChiba Jul 30
Ka... KAWAIIIII!!! my favorite ship from tsukiuta!!! >< also I want to read shun x kai!!! Who would be the top!?
it was nice!!! please do a haruxhajime one. they are my favourite ship :3 <3 (haru top x hajime bottom f posible. thats how i see them) thank you for this nice one shot and i really hope to see more like this from you soon :D
hountou ni suki dayo~ kore no sutori ga.. huaaa
                              but the first I think why their son is not the procellarum? >_<
                              but it's up to Author-san :D
                              still I want to see another Yoru x You XD
                              Love this chapter..