Fire In Her Soul (Completed)

Fire In Her Soul (Completed)

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Melinor, M By mellymae_16 Completed

Every story about a nerd who changes only to come back fresh has only ended in a happy ending. But what if one didn't. 

Meet Amaya Rose, she's been through hell as usual, gotten bullied for no apparent reason. But what you don't know is that she's dating the captain of the football team, she was happy, only at nights though, no one knows that they dated or are dating cause no one would approve the captain of the football and a nerd. One night like every nerd book there should be an event that lєd. them to a change and that's what happened to Amaya. She changes when she fled then returned. 

This is not you're regular nerd book its much more. 

Add a dash of gang,drama,rivals  , betrayal and a secret?. 

"was named Badass Nerd With Benefit " 


#221 6/15/17 Romance

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CrazyNerdyBookworm12 CrazyNerdyBookworm12 Apr 15, 2017
wat a fucktard. man u just dont do that. How can u sleep with ur girlfriend s stepmom.
SlyffinclawQueen5 SlyffinclawQueen5 Apr 30, 2017
                              *Throws black paint buckets around the room*
                              *Puts black everywhere*
                              That's better :)
shanti-boss shanti-boss Jun 12, 2017
Out of all the people you could have cheated with why her stepmother???????
TaxPrior TaxPrior Apr 15, 2017
                              I'm just going to walk away from this nasty work...
                              If you want to see me just check the girl throwing up in the toilet
teas03 teas03 Mar 11, 2017
If I was her and I saw that,  I would bitch slap him out of my house
killerkitten27 killerkitten27 Feb 02, 2017
Pukes. Brings black paint. Throws it everywhere. That's better...