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"InLove With Miss Eucliffe" (Was Once"InLove With Miss Heartfilia")

"InLove With Miss Eucliffe" (Was Once"InLove With Miss Heartfilia")

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Atrocious_Maiden By Atrocious_Maiden Updated Jun 16

Natsu, Gray, Sting, and Rogue was sent off to an odd mission to babysit Lucy Heartfilia, the only daughter of a rich family. 
There a not-so-expected friendship had started. 
But what will happen if the boys got stuck on an island for a few years which made time stop for them? 
And when they came back, They saw Lucy again.
What will happen if the one they had babysit was now all grown up? What if they started developing feelings for her? Who would Lucy choose? 

What if on a certain mission, They got seperated and was sent of to another world? A world which magic do not exist. 
And what if a few years later everyone of them had children already? What will happen to their chaotic love story?

Ug uh and u just said it urself that jewel can't buy ur pride!!!! That just shameful really shamefull
Can you use quotes when they talk, other than that great chapter
Oh yeah! Erza-chan is here. 
                              Me: Erza, can you please give me 2 slices of cake?
                              Erza: NO!! YOU DON'T GET TO HAVE ANY OF IT.
                              Me: Meanie.
                              Erza: WHAT DID YOU SAY??
                              *beats me to pulp*
Aslan599 Aslan599 Feb 05
This better be NaLu or else I'm killing myself and my death will be in your hands
Me: *Joins fight*
                              StarQueen: *Plots how to Yandere-style eliminate Sting and Natsu so she can ship Gray and Rogue with Lucy*
                              GoldenQueen: *Sits with Rogue, reading a book*
Aslan599 Aslan599 Feb 05
The archbishop be like "THE END IS IN OUR HANDS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Where I get everything from