Please don't bite  (under editing because this is crappy)

Please don't bite (under editing because this is crappy)

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"Welcome to-" I look up at the customer. "Holy shit."I mutter the customer just smirks. 

"What's wrong baby girl?" He asks his voice smoother than butter. I look into his eyes which are a dangerous black, a shove immediately runs through my back. 

"Mate." He as an animalistic growl rumbles through his throat. 

"What?!?" Is all I can reply. Good job Lilly now everyone thinks you're weird. 
Meet Lilly an 19 year old who just graduated, she moved away from her evil foster mom and was ready to explore the world. That is until reality hit her in the face paying bills working at a cheap cafe during the morning and taking college at night, quite overwhelming but she manages to pull through. 

Working at the cafe during the late evening can be scary, and it proves to be as scary when he walks in. 

He agile, merciless, cunning, and everything scary not to mention he's the alpha. So when he walks into the cafe hand in hand with darkness you can guess the face of Lilly. 

  Will have a few steamy chapters, beware I'm new at writing them don't judge.

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50shadesofhotness 50shadesofhotness Jul 25, 2017
Did anyone notice that if they get married her name is gonna be lilly James  #harrypotterreference
_BrokenSkye_ _BrokenSkye_ Sep 05, 2017
She still didn't tell us why she was running or screaming help. Anyone else confused?😞 I'm really slow. However, I haven't asked the number to 911!! That was hilarious!
Sarcasm_Smiles_books Sarcasm_Smiles_books Jul 17, 2016
And it's a werewolf book?!?!  Wbu didn't you tell me you were posting a new book!!!
- - Sep 03, 2016
Omg they do the best pretzels ever!!! Is this story English or American?
wildthing21 wildthing21 Nov 03, 2016
Rip 😪 what's wrong with Victoria secrets?? Gotta have underwear bro
- - Sep 03, 2016
Twenty?! I live in a tiny village that no ones ever heard of and there are over 800 people!!