Color Of Love.

Color Of Love.

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DreamTeam5 By DreamTeam5 Updated 5 days ago

"Go upstairs and tell ya favah tah get his lazy ass up." she says calmly.

She smacks the back of my head as I walk past her, I flinch as her hand makes contact with the nape of my neck. I do what she tells me and wake my father up.

"Daddy, Ma said wake up." I speak quietly leaving out the expletives and detail.

 He grunts a little and then pops up with eyes full of sleep and a hint of annoyance. I quickly leave the room because I'll be dammed if I'm still standing there when he gets out the bed. He is not a morning person.

ParisMack ParisMack Jul 17
I'm in love already she strong to take abuse for 10 years 😍
This song choice is so ironic now that i reread it 😂😂😂
BROOKLYNNNN😛😩❤️🏦!!!! I Live In Virginia & People In My School Call Me Brooklyn.
Does anyone know any good lucas coly books cauze im writing a story on my other account and im stuck and need inspiration
Brothers are always going to be like that😂 my brothers are the same exact way
Nique_babii Nique_babii Jul 17
Ya don't want that babygirl it seems friendly but I promise you it ain't. IK from experience boo. BE STRONG