Eddsworld One Shots (Mostly TomxTord)

Eddsworld One Shots (Mostly TomxTord)

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Notice Me Senpai By SpaceTommo Updated Sep 03


Mostly tomtord (OTP)

Notice how I say mostly, meaning, not all of it

So yee

Btw there's no lemons yet <-- that's a fukcing lie lmao

you know what would of made it more sad? If Todd was trying to send a picture to Tom of something that he wanted at the store. Then getting into a crash. Tord dies and Tom never eats that food again.
ShadowFerne ShadowFerne Oct 03
Wait no, you guys are wrong, literally everyone I know and talk to or anything I read from someone, says that Tom has no eyes, but, if y'all remember, at the end of the episode "The End part 2" Edd asked Tom "Why are your eyes black?" HE HAS EYES! They're just black is all, he does have eyes.
What if Tord just died and he's a ghost and visits Tom but scares him half to death instead
No, we need Tord..he's Tom's drug..
                              WELP..that's a sentence I never thought I'd say...
MoonZiilla MoonZiilla Aug 15
Maybe its because he has no eyes Edd 😂 I'm sorry I had to
Advil? No u need A-DEVIL!.... heheh get cus Tord is kinda like a devil? ....No? ok...