Eddsworld One Shots (Mostly TomxTord)

Eddsworld One Shots (Mostly TomxTord)

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hiya there By SpaceTommo Updated May 11


Mostly tomtord (OTP)

Notice how I say mostly, meaning, not all of it

So yee

Btw there's no lemons yet <-- that's a fukcing lie lmao

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Tom has eyes he was born from a bowling ball and a pineapple. So that's why he has black eyes and spikcy hair
"I looked at Tom. It's a good thing that he and Tom are getting along" pff he's dating him self 😂
Everyone's here like Tomtord and I'm all alone in the corner like,"Edd x Tom anyone?"
                              (Prepares for the hate.)
Imagine this: tord just died and came back as a ghost. GT (ghost tord) visits tom, but winds up scaring the bajeebies out of tom. Tom gets so scared he dies, but instead of coming back as a ghost he's just dead. They never see of each other again.
toothless723 toothless723 Dec 16, 2016
Tom: So this is my life. Living in a numb state of not dead and not alive. I look up at the sky and ask why, and god answers "Because fūck you Tom." And I answer "That's fair."
DaEmoFabouFanboy DaEmoFabouFanboy Dec 28, 2016
It's 12:00 o'clock. I can't sleep. Huge headache. Starving. Dog stole the whole bed. ... Let's get on Wattpad and reread some books