Dela Vega Series 2: Love Is All That Matters

Dela Vega Series 2: Love Is All That Matters

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Dela Vega Series 2

The man of few words, Architect Drei Dela Vega is not the typical and hardly fantasize leading man in a story. He's cold. He's snob. He's mysterious. He doesn't like to talk. He rarely care about other people. He live not to impress nor to express. He is what he is and he has no plan of changing himself for the approval of anyone. 

Not until came this woman who broke all the walls he managed to build for how many years. The woman who taught him that there are no limits or boundaries when it comes to love. 

She changed him. She made him complete. But a story wouldn't be interesting without a twist. As the depth of love wouldn't be measured without trials, sufferings and difficulties. 

Fate brought her to him. Yet, it also fate that took her away from him.

But what if one day fate played their destiny and their path will cross again? Memories are forgotten? Love is just an illusion and feelings had fade away? 

Would the man with highest regards to himself Drei Dela Vega gamble the uncertainty in the world of love again? Should he fight for something he knew he has a low chances of winning? Should he take the risk again? Or should he just let the loud beating of his heart to be silence because of their past that until now . . . . . . . . . . . . . haunted him like hell?


Love Is All That Matters Dela Vega Series II By MysteriousPen 

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ImTheBunso ImTheBunso Apr 23
Takte ginawan ka nga. Pinaka..pinaka pangit na ending sa lahat! Bwahaha
cheezybum cheezybum Apr 19
At talagang hinanap q pa ung story ni dustin at inalam kung sino ang kanyang partner haha..
mandie238 mandie238 Sep 01, 2016
Ganda ng teaser. Na curious na naman ako sa twist gaya nung sa after all