Song for You 「NaLu」

Song for You 「NaLu」

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Otaku Gamer By X_Kay-Crazy-Otaku_X Updated Feb 02

Lucy Heartfilia, the girl everyone bullies, is actually the nighttime pop star Celestia whom everyone who despises her admires.
But they don't know that.

Natsu Dragneel, A music prodigy, well known for his looks , knowledge and talents. Well-known as.. 
Lucy's no.1 bully...

His goal?: Meet Celestia and make her his

What will happen when the truth is revealed? Will they even know Lucy's true identity?

Find out by reading!~

Warning: vulgar languages and a bit of bullying 
I do not own Fairy Tail.
Hiro Trollshima owns it. I only own this fanfics story and plot

Happy Reading! ❤️

- - Jan 11
Nope all of my classmate will tease each other in a nice way and all of us will help each other out
lu-chan101 lu-chan101 Jan 05
Not where i'm from at my school we all tease eacn other in a friendly way
Yes and i always try to avoid them and be invisible concluding that i only have like 4 friends in the whole freaking school that are like me and trust me what they do isn't pretty and some of you know what i mean
AnimeDiaries8 AnimeDiaries8 Dec 07, 2016
This is the title to a song I am obsessed with like and it's very good , but sad
JUSTapshyo JUSTapshyo Dec 31, 2016
.....I usually stand up for the one who always gets bullied...but sometimes... I tease them too...and I feel bad....
Aqulina Aqulina Jan 10
No we don't in my school it's kinda my class against the other classes.