My Everything

My Everything

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Eriee. By eriee_ Updated Nov 13, 2016

"Isn't it amazing how you talk all this shit and we still lack communication?
How beautiful our kids would be, girl, I don't need convincing." - Drake


I'm staring at myself in the mirror, smiling at my appearance. I know I'm the shit. I'm twenty years old, beautiful, I got a good husband who loves me and is faithful to me, I drive a brand new Mercedes, and I live in a nice neighborhood in California. "I see why these hoes mad at you. Girl, you the shit." I say to myself in the mirror, laughing. Females hate on me on a daily basis but I never trip. If you got haters, that means you doing something right. Shit, I'm doing everything right.

I answer my ringing phone then put it on speaker. "I'm almost ready." I say to my bestfriend, Karlie. I already know she was about to complain about me being late. I'm always late when we go out but this type of beauty literally takes time. "Girl, you ain't that fine. Hurry up." she whines. "Violation. You know I'm fine." I say, laughing as ...

miahhhx2 miahhhx2 May 17
Yea sis hang with folks your own age .... live your life while you can🙄
_addiissonnn_ _addiissonnn_ Aug 13, 2017
bitches be PROFESSIONAL LIARS 😂😂😂😂 she prolly rehearsed that line just in case sum went down smh
He was not joking when he said it only take a minute lol damn shane
miahhhx2 miahhhx2 May 17
Im sorry I dont do side hugs 😂😂😂unless I REALLYY dont fwy
thechoway thechoway May 27
Book title reminds me of you are my everything by Mary j blige 💗
thechoway thechoway May 27
Wait nahh kayden I’m sorry I might be wrong, deadass sooo sorry lmaooo😂😂