Hetalia boyfriend scenarios

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios

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OooooohCANADA By NotNormalMemes Updated Nov 26

Hi, so let's be real here you fangirls have always wanted to date a Hetalia character.
I have also *Cough* England *cough* 

And if I listed them all then this description would be too long. 

So here are the dorks in this fab story:

America (IRL America ain't doing so well)
England (the Iggybrows)
Italy (The cinnamon bun)
Scotland (The bae)
Japan (The anime fanboy)
China (Fab cooking skillz)
South Korea (meh smol bean ain't getting loved!)
Zhe Awesome Prussia (Too awesome for this world)

Actually, according to what people are saying online, I'm exactly his height. XD