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"Be My Bad Boy!"

"Be My Bad Boy!"

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sahm By queenbeebabe Updated Oct 16, 2014

Sadie Collins is quiet, passive, and a bad liar. Gage Conwell is aggressive, scary, and somewhat of a player. He's known entirely for his smoking, fighting, rule-breaking, and way with girls. Did I mention he’s the school’s bad boy? Sadie has a bucket list of things she wants to do, all of the things on her list however, require rule-breaking, and Sadie is one to follow and make rules, not break them! One day she sees Gage doing something rather illegal. Scared out of her mind she takes a picture. Snap! Gage angrily corners her, and tries to get her to erase the pictures but to no avail. She says she’ll erase it if he helps her get everything done on her list.  “No way in hell.” He spat. She waved the picture in his face, “Unless you want this to go to the cops!” Blackmail. "Come on Gage.” She pleaded, "Be My Bad Boy.”  Who would’ve known blackmailing the bad boy would be so much fun?

I am not understanding the whole normal taking thing? 😑😶 Someone explain?
I was like OK until I got to the last one and then I was like 😐😑😟😦😱🙏
neemo681 neemo681 Sep 18, 2016
"Move bitch! Get out the way!"
                              *Pushes them out the way and goes through*
TheBester01 TheBester01 Sep 01, 2016
I haven't done everything but the last six except running away. And I have never did the vanilla pudding thing
Mazz-P Mazz-P Oct 28, 2016
😃😃Looool i always say that i quote that from spy kids!! 😏😂
GenocidalRunner201x GenocidalRunner201x Sep 20, 2016
I love how she is like "everyone like him minus me because all the girls are stupid and I'm smart. I don't know how they can like this hot piece of ass, I mean, jerk! Everyone is stupid, hehehehe I'm smart"
                              That's how I interpret it.