Secret Bloodlines //Stiles Stilinski// Wattys 2017 //

Secret Bloodlines //Stiles Stilinski// Wattys 2017 //

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⚾︎ Stiles ⚾︎ By stiles24stilinskiXD Updated Oct 16, 2017

Stiles has been ignored by the pack lately. He feels like he is deliberately being excluded and slowly starts to drift apart from them, becoming more distant. The pack thinks Stiles is merely a weak, defenceless human that could easily get hurt during a supernatural crisis, but what they don't know is that Stiles is actually the most powerful creature alive. Friendships will be put to the test. What will happen when the deadpool comes out and the pack sees Stiles' name at the top of the list? Will they finally stop ignoring him? How will they react to Stiles and the deadpool? And who the hell is the benefactor?! Dragon!Stiles Fic...
  Warning: Aggressive language
 ~All Teen Wolf characters belong to the amazing Jeff Davis,  I wish I owned stiles tho...

Highest ranking~ #379 Fanfiction

As of 2018 this story is on hold until I have time to write it again. I'll return to it someday.

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lickuid lickuid Dec 13, 2017
why are people worried ab Scalia?
                              it happened on the show. it was canon. yay.
                              let's move on. ( i loathe scalia with a passion im sorry )
onlygayshipsinmydock onlygayshipsinmydock May 11, 2017
Yeah they said 'dragons' but ur the only one left so it's 'dragon' so u can be as clumsy as u could be // if that made sense which I probably didnt
catherineezzz catherineezzz Sep 04, 2017
Img what about Kira and Scott? :( ugh Kira come back!!!! Omg Scalia can't happen (though it did )
OvertlyObsessed OvertlyObsessed Jan 27, 2017
How disappointing is it where he's basically only in one episode in 6A :(
Adriana-Coviello Adriana-Coviello Feb 14, 2017
Yep! And when they kissed! Well, i was yelling some profanities at the t.v. 😂