Fire, Fire, Fireworks [Petekey]

Fire, Fire, Fireworks [Petekey]

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I Just Wanna-- By -AnotherBasketCase- Updated Oct 29

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Mikey Way is a 14 year old who just finished middle school. He's finally able to go to band camp instead of spending his summer attempting to avoid bullies and neighborhood block parties.

Pete Wentz is a 14 year old who also finished middle school. Yeah sure, he played a wicked bass riff if he wanted to, but he never wanted to go to some band camp for 'nerds.'

The camp is full of counselors who can't dance, kids who can't shut up,  too many hormones, not enough eyeliner, but just enough music to last them the summer.

When they meet up, their entire world explodes--for better and for worse.

heybleargh heybleargh Oct 08
first of all, if this is Hayley Williams I love ya, but even if isn't, it's okay, cause the camp's name is just amazing
Same but guitar and it's all night
                              I've been banished to our garage to practice 😂
The names of these chapters are as long as the names of some fall out boy's songs :v
heybleargh heybleargh Oct 08
what I say pretty much every time people start telling me that I look better without my glasses and stuff like that
Rey_45 Rey_45 Sep 11
"Welcome my new children" 
                              Me when my friends got into the MCR fandom
heybleargh heybleargh Oct 08
I'm loving their relationship in here, it's just so cute and funny and <33