His Chosen Girl

His Chosen Girl

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aliya By aliyathewizard Updated 5 days ago

Ever since they started their first year at Hogwarts, they both knew that they were perfect for each other. But will they get their happily ever after with all the crazy things that happen among the way?

He may be the chosen one, but you're His Chosen Girl.

Year 1-3

(Hi I'm aliya and that was very cheesy:))

(I OWN NOTHING all rights to J.K Rowling and the Warner bros.)

A boy with dark hair and shiny green eyes with a scar on his head that i just met. And what his eyes are telling me is that he got a troubled past. Or atleast that is was i think he is.
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Okay... Thanks for letting me stay, and the good and water! why don't you just adopt me though? If you like me this much. JUST SAYING!
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I hate my hair tbh 
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Love that owl!!! One more thing to add to my list of why to love owls.
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Omg  this is legit the best Harry po- wait... No.. This is the best story in general I have ever read on wattpad! Keep up the good work even though this is only chapter one x3
When you don't know someone's past so you just say their name 😂😂😂