The Alphas' Princess

The Alphas' Princess

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Ariel is a 19-year-old broken beauty. When you're beaten and raped by your father as a child, it's difficult to bear, but that isn't what bothers her. The fact that he also killed her mother and left Ariel tied up in the same room with the corpse doesn't really bother her either. What does bother her, however, is when she finds out that her best friends are vampires.      

Could life get any crazier?      

Oh, but it can.      

Her destined soul mate is a werewolf... an Alpha at that. Now, Ariel must figure out how to deal with the fact that she has werewolf blood, the guy that she's falling in love with is also a werewolf, and also her father is back for her. In a crazy way, she loves her life, but in a completely rational way, she doesn't know how to exactly deal with all of this...   


CuteReader25 CuteReader25 Jun 28, 2017
I done that, NOT THE DRUNK PART, but the walking in heels part, but instead of being drunk, I was super dizzy, and I mean it when I say that it is pretty much the same thing.
ElaineRobrandt ElaineRobrandt Jul 08, 2017
Hahhahah I'm sorry, Colon, hahah I think you meant to write cologne. But thank you for the giggles 😂
Bluelolidk Bluelolidk Apr 10, 2016
Are u going to write a sequel please if so can u message me please and thanks
SarcasticAllTheTime SarcasticAllTheTime Apr 28, 2016
Its German the language i mean it is German (im pretty sure it is anyway)
Michelle-Renee Michelle-Renee Nov 19, 2015
Oh my God. I think I have read this book like nine times..... I LOVE IT!!!