Ours To Love

Ours To Love

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Kariscia By nerdyflirtykari Completed

Are promises meant to be broken?

They promised to always be there for her no matter what. It was a promise made between three best friends. For Jasmine she learned that even best friends can hurt you.

It wasn't their fault they had to leave. It wasn't their fault they had to leave the one person who made their lives better. All they wanted was to be with her after years apart.

But would everything be the same when they meet again?
Time apart can change anyone. Even best friends.
Would they be able to earn back her trust and claim their mate?

**Author's Note**
This book is a sequel to The Big Bad Wolf. It can be read as a stand alone or you can read the first to get acquainted with the characters.
May contain coarse language and strong sexual content.

  • anger
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • royalty
  • sexual
  • tension
  • werewolf
katakuradiya katakuradiya Mar 09, 2017
awkward_c00kie awkward_c00kie Aug 11, 2017
Why the fudge didn't no one comment on this.?! It's a fudging ten year old with his life set up while I'm over here struggling to make sure I don't look like a burnt potato before school starts.
katakuradiya katakuradiya Mar 10, 2017
Learning Japanese isn't even hard??? Kanji is the most difficult and that's about it
katakuradiya katakuradiya Mar 09, 2017
I feel like half of the people who watch animes DONT even know the people who created them let alone the studio. Even mangakas (although mangakas at emote widely known in my opinion)
Rom-ComJiji Rom-ComJiji Mar 27, 2017
Girl!! I already loved the previous work to bits, but now with this and all the references to my hobby... well... I love it even more. Love your stories!
awkward_c00kie awkward_c00kie Aug 11, 2017
This is legit me if I felt like excelling and getting out of bed in the morning.