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YAZ By yazdpbat Updated Sep 10

What happens when you combine Tony Stark and doughnuts? Love. That's right, love. It's only four letters, just another word in the dictionary, but why does it mean so much? I've waited more than a decade to say that word to someone who's meant to hear it. And what if that person was just a billionaire, who's maybe heard it more than once in his life from strangers!? Would my own words mean the same thing even if it's just the same letters? Who knew my regular orphaned life would take a different turn and lead me to adventure, I didn't. And yes, I am orphaned, like some adults. My mother died in childbirth and my father raised me. But my father wasn't around much when I started growing up, he was taken by people for his mind. When I said my life took a turn, I'm talking about when it all started with Tony Stark walking into a doughnut shop and being rude.

 [Iron Man/Tony Stark X Reader]

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(A/N): Okay I created this fanfic because I believe there aren't THAT many fanfictions about Iron Man/Tony Stark. Whenever I search them up, there's a long list about the reader being his daughter/son. Yeah, okay, that'll be cool. BUT why can't the reader fall in love with this genius? You know what I mean? 

NOTE: Marvel characters belong to Marvel. Just the scenario is mine. The story takes place after The Avengers. Taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, this story is not professionally written. I apologize if any grammar mistakes are spotted. And yes, there will be some swearing and inappropriate things. I'll accept any requests that involve the story, so please comment to get my attention! Enjoy reading! 

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Bro I'd be to scared to talk like that to anyone but I'm laughing so hard cuz I like it
My dream job is to be an astronaut or be a part of the army.
Sue has point because if you actually ate a little bit of her it would definitely be cannibalism
Dude my face was like 😱 when we said "a side of manners to"
HalfMoonProductions HalfMoonProductions Nov 12, 2016
Wait wait: let me re-cap; So, I work at a donut shop, Tony just so HAPPENS to walk in, I'm all snooty to him, and that wins me a job at Stark Industries...
DarkSpector DarkSpector Feb 12
I read a story that was just like this, but can I just say that this one is written a billion times better!