Daughter of Discord (my version)

Daughter of Discord (my version)

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Eris345 By Eris345 Completed

Hello, everyone! And you read the title right! The reason I'm making this is because I felt that some of the original story was a bit rushed, but it's just my own opinion, and not yours. I hope you enjoy my version of the original Daughter of Discord.

Not long after they've married, Discord and Fluttershy are blessed with a daughter named Screwball. What chaos will follow the family of three?

Characters that will be in this story belong to Lauren Faust and DisneyFanatic2364.

All credits go to DisneyFanatic2364, for she is the author of the real Daughter of Discord, this is just my version of the story, I'm not trying to copy DisneyFanatic2364, or her story. 

If you want to read the original story of Daughter of Discord, go to Fanfiction.Net, or Fimfiction.Net. 

Like I said, this is just my own version of the story, not the original one. I'll never copy anyone, or their stories.

Faunamusic Faunamusic Jul 19
I also did the same thing. I have the characters, but it would be my own version!