It All Started With A Text

It All Started With A Text

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Nikki By jauregui_isbae Completed

Well the title gives it away  Camila gets Lauren number from her friend Dinah. They have an instant connect but will Camila's ex get in the way of them becoming more

I don't plan ahead so where ever my brain goes my hands will write.

Cover by: @joli_belle

bitchyjauregay bitchyjauregay Jul 18, 2016
You could try deleting it and then changing it and then publish it idk sorry 😬😂
Codila97 Codila97 Feb 13
Are The 1975 good? I've only really heard two of their songs, truly-
                              The Sound and some other one, I forget
Kionna_allen Kionna_allen Jul 18, 2016
The same thing happens to my story,but I go off the app and close it.And then I get back on it,go to my library and then refresh the page.It worked for me.😊
Codila97 Codila97 Feb 13
Why the hellven did I read popcorn instead of person there? XD
ruhroh17 ruhroh17 Jan 01
😳 Huh. She looks really stunning on this pic (when doesn't she?). I'm surprised I've never come across this one