The Bachelorette (Camren)

The Bachelorette (Camren)

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Becca By uunreal Updated Dec 12, 2016

"You get punished by the decisions you make, not for them, and Camila, I promise that five and a half years away from you was punishment enough."


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😎 (me putting on my sunglasses because this page rn needs more shade [sarcastic bc taylor is bae])
Me when I see a hot looking guy and then see a decent looking girl and drool at her looks 😂
Damn why you airing out all your business on television? 😂😂
I am iffy, she couldn't commit then why would she be able to now if she just said not much has changed
Hailee is gonna blast and love herself, she dont need nobody else
Wait a sec... If the bachelor/bachelorette was gay, could'nt the contestants time love with the other contestants? 😏📝(me signing up)