The Bachelorette (Camren)

The Bachelorette (Camren)

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Becca By uunreal Updated Dec 12, 2016

"You get punished by the decisions you make, not for them, and Camila, I promise that five and a half years away from you was punishment enough."


**I do not in any way am affiliated with The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise. All ideas and concepts from the show are NOT owned by me.**

Don't worry... What you will be feeling will be felt by everyone who read this book. Got my ice cream and blanket ready...
gaerogaera gaerogaera Dec 27, 2016
U r my new fav writer...please dont stop...I love OLS ending n jealousy..hope more to come here...:)
okay, i'm composed and ready to have my heart shattered by your amazing writing again
I knew Lolo will redeem herself. THAT'S MY GURLLL! I'm prying
I can almost see Lauren joining the damn show... Still confused tho 😥😥
I bet my non-existent million dollars that our Lolo will redeem herself. *crosses arms proudly*