Your Who's Daughter?! Eren x Levi's daughter

Your Who's Daughter?! Eren x Levi's daughter

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Luna Ackerman                                                                                                                                                                                      The only child and the only daughter of humanities strongest                                                                            She is blessed with loads of her father's genes 
                                                                                                        Things can get pretty hard living in this time, but she never gives up she will give humanity the freedom it always deserved even if that does mean she needs to risk her life to save another. Growing up with Heichou as her father. she was always taught to respect and if people are needing help help them. 

Luna may disrespect people once in awhile or a couple times in a week but she lives by what her mother and father has taught her. She wasn't spoiled so she was taught to always love what she had and to Luna it was more then what she needed and she thought she was blessed. But as Luna got older things started to change and with that Luna changed to, but will thos whole life of hers will be worth the wait to see what happens at the end?

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{this book was my first ever book, so it's kinda cringy}

Oh well. Your baby is a melodramatic titan teenager. What else can you expect?
MarHeichou MarHeichou Nov 13
Why? Because I'm Levi's daughter, or wait
                              Luna is his kid?
InkspireNation InkspireNation 3 days ago
                              He used full name
Why do people always make Jean such in ass hole in fan fiction like we all know he has is tweaks but so many people make it 20 times worse than what it really is 😒
Leeandlie Leeandlie 3 days ago
WHY CAN'T YOU BE LIKE THAT MAJESTIC STALLION JEAN OVER THERE~ lol the abridged. gets me every time.
                              If this was a (Y/N) thing, I would put Luna, so it's already like that XD