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Gabrielle Doiron By thatgabbykid Updated 3 days ago

*Mature Content

*Highest Rank - #1 in werewolf 

*A 'Black Gold' Novel 


He wrapped his thick arms around her neck, holding her tightly to his chest as he began choking her. Instantly, her face went beet red and she started to make strangled, gurgling sounds.

"It's all up to you, little girl. You either accept me as your mate, or your sister dies." he apprised, making eye contact with me; and giving me a heavy ultimatum. I didn't want either one. And craving comfort, I hooked onto Azure's arm. 

"No, Olive, don't listen to him! If he has any morals he won't kill her!" My father yelled frantically at me.

"Come on, pretty little girl. I can show you what a real Alpha is," he told me. And when I stood there rigid, he tightened his arms around her. Her face went a bright reddish purple colour, and no more sounds were coming out of her mouth. He had completely constricted her air intake. "Come on, little girl, can't you see that you're killing her? If you don't accept me in about the next.. Hmm... 20 seconds, she's dead." He taunted. 

I stepped away from Azure. "Yes!" I cried, slapping my hands over my mouth. "Yes! I accept, I accept! Please! Just let her go!" I screamed as I began sobbing, terrified by the dark turn of events. 


Olive Samuels found herself in the toughest situation of her life. 

After being taken by a neighbouring Alpha to clear off half of her fathers debt, and to save her sisters life, her own life changed completely; and she finds herself forced into a new pack, bound to become their Luna.

Olive isn't fit to be a Luna. Young, juvenile, and innocent aren't desirable traits - and she can't simply change her personality for the sake of running a pack she was forced into. 

But with a dominant, aggressive Alpha always on her case, the two seem to bump heads on everything. And with a harsh soul bonded to a kind one, things can never end well.

Ayyeehenna Ayyeehenna 9 hours ago
Bit ch ur daughter was going to die hoe and she saved her life so piss tf off
tame112blood tame112blood 3 days ago
Wtf?! I would have told my mate "You hear that? He said he would pay 150 wolves in full. Since I am not his daughter, the deal is void."
How many of you people actually read this and not just skip to the book ?
I like cursing, so I think this might be the right book for me...
Queen_SamE Queen_SamE 4 days ago
Me and my sisters when we get in trouble. We in this together, leave no ho  behind! I'm the one who's always crying tho
Ayyeehenna Ayyeehenna 11 hours ago
Omfg smut! So many books don't have that and idgaf if i sound weird but im human and everyone will b seeing slot of my comments bc I'm an annoying ašs  just a warning