YANDERE! Ghostface X Bullied/Chubby Reader

YANDERE! Ghostface X Bullied/Chubby Reader

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FabulousTrash By Mettaton_And_Tacos Updated Jul 19

Read that title.

My friend Shark gave me inspiration for this.

You was a little chubby and a lot of the pretty popular girls picked on you a lot for it.
Billy Loomis was a good friend of yours. He was one of your only friends. 
Then, one day your bullies started to be found dead, brutally murdered in some way.
Everyone who didn't stay away from you ended up dead.
Then one night you get a phone call....

"(Y/n) what door am I at?"
"....y-your already in my house, aren't you!?"
"Hahaha, correct babe...."
"W-what do you want from me!?"
"Your soul, your devotion, your love... I want you (y/n)."

Awe, your awesome! This book is so amazing I can't wait for the new chapter!!!