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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

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H I A T U S By ShadowPuppet2013 Updated Jul 15, 2016

Idk just pictures I found

One day I'm going to power up a Pidgey to like, 3000 CP and own the gyms
- - Aug 03, 2016
we can win w-with magicarps--
                              ye, we're awesome--
                              *dabs and cries*
OfficialBlackOnyx OfficialBlackOnyx Jul 19, 2016
I was so excited cuz I was at home playing it and it vibrated ;-; it was Rattata why...just...why...
Vixinna Vixinna Aug 05, 2016
I actually don't get many rattatas here. It's mostly weedles and caterpies.
smileykat21 smileykat21 Aug 19, 2016
what you didn't see is that lapras behind you. Annnddd it despaned
shoe0nhead shoe0nhead Aug 03, 2016
my home just attracts good pokémon
                              i've caught wild pikachu, weepinbell, golbat, lickitung, rhydon, etc