Zootopia: Nick X Judy

Zootopia: Nick X Judy

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Forgiveth me, Lord By Seven6five2 Completed

Smutty oneshots of the famously shipped Nick and Judy

(This story is a new frontier of unexplainable crap, be warned)

Chapter's May be inappropriate for kids, Elderly, Or toddler's, Swearing, violence, Brutal and entirely unforgiving depictions of nudity and smut will occur in these chapters,  Seven6five2 has no responsibilities towards damaged minds, Loss of innocence, Illness, Nosebleeds or strong urge of holy water, ETC

(Started July 15 2016.)

(115 reads Monday July 25 ^.^)

TTF175 TTF175 Sep 15
Why don't you make an actual, Zootopia story, that doesn't make Nick and Judy look like popular porn stars?
I just had a breif childhood just noe n thought of the scene from the Incredibles and the plane XD
Dude you need to spell check your stories because I have read through them and they need to be spelling check