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有人抓住我的呼吸 By Kirstin_fanacc Updated Nov 27

Just a Graphic gallery of my book covers, plus any covers I've made for people/wanted to make for people!!!

Do not fret, you are allowed to request anything not related to Pentatonix. Just that most of my followers/the people who look at my page are fans (as well as I am).


aoilyra03 aoilyra03 Nov 26
Title : Jeff The Killer X Reader [creepypasta fanfiction]
                              Author : aoilyra03
                              Color : black and red or palette color >~<
                              Genre : fanfiction/romance
                              Objects : jeff the killer or knife
                              Other : make it creepy~ boo!
                              Deadline : X
hxley_ann hxley_ann Nov 23
Title: Interesting
                              Author: hxley_ann
                              Color Scheme: vibrant colors, it doesn't matter  
                              Genre: Fanfiction 
                              Objects: x
                              Other: I'd like a picture of blonde Mitch. Also, it'd be great if you could edit some makeup onto him.
                              Deadline: No deadline! Take as long as you need.
Darla47225 Darla47225 Nov 19
The boy in the water
                              Fan fiction 
                              Scott and Kirstie standing together and a lake with Mitch standing in the water in the background.
                              Blue and green 
                              No deadline
Snowzyy Snowzyy Aug 30
Ugh this is Kirstin angel wings one is gorgeous I wish I could save it ❤️❤️❤️
                              I am in the process of moving to another book. I will no longer take request until the book is published thank you.
                              [Please note any comments under this one will be ignored.]
                              Effective: Nov. 26, 2016 @3:53 PM
I might ask you to send some if these to me so they can be my new lock screen 😂😂