He's Not Who You Think He Is *punk Luke Hemmings*

He's Not Who You Think He Is *punk Luke Hemmings*

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Hannah Risley By HannahRisley Updated Jul 10, 2015


Hey guys this is my 2nd fanfiction. 

My first one is a One Direction one named "I Love You Harry Styles" if you wanna go read it. 

I decided to make this one because a lot of the punk fan fics are really good and i decided to make one. 

This story will have strong language in it and some sexual scenes eventually.  

well i hope this turns out good. 



Hi my name is Aubrey White and im an only child. 

I'm 17 and my parents are dead. *in this book luke is 18*

They died 2 years ago in winter. They were driving home from one of their friends parties and they slipped on a patch of black ice and slid into a ditch. 

That's when my life went down hill. I was depressed for months i wouldn't eat or talk to anyone. Everyone in school would tell me that they purposely hit the ice so they would be gone from me forever cause they hated me. 

I lived in Colorado when this happened now i live in Australia. I got shipped here to li...

Ok but when it said 'i got hipped here' all i could imagine was the movie 'madagascar' when there in the boxes on the boat and there all talking to each other...
dean_1979 dean_1979 Jun 21
WHO TF SAYS THAT TO A PERSON!?!?! And the sad thing is ppl would actually say it too😒😓😷
Same oh and btw at least she's not CURVY like the stereotypical wattpad characters
Listening to Beside You while reading this and crying ok feels are too strong
Ok am I the only one who thinks have kinda looks like Zoe Sugg or Zoella
chattycupcake chattycupcake Aug 08, 2015
*me being kidnapped* "And my mother told me Criminal minds would never help me. LOOK AT ME NOW, MOM. LOOK AT ME NOW."