The Autumn Love

The Autumn Love

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Do the celebrities understand what their fans do for them?

Do they ever think of the pains these harmless people go through when they walk briskly struggling hard to not brush their shoulders clad in luxurious high street brands with the weary t-shirts?

Do they know that they are nothing without their fans?

Love story of a fan with the man of her dreams she meets at times but he takes it as a fan moment that always wrecks havoc on the small heart pumping him instead of blood.
Follow Kinza's dream and her chase for the man who seems a fantasy.

Reminisce the fan in you when Kinza prays to close the valve in her heart that bleeds him.

Will she strengthen her heart or the poignancy of love damage her deeply?

Read and know! 

Aesthetics and dreamy language! 
The turmoil of love and longing!

Cover by @hayazs
Under Editing.