Good Girl Gone To Fall In Love (BOOK 3)

Good Girl Gone To Fall In Love (BOOK 3)

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Italy was always known for its beauty and culture. Maybe that's why Melody Peers has runaway there out of all places in the world! Setting foot into St. Mussolini Boarding School, as a new girl, is a lot to take in. Especially now, since she isn't the confident, bad, Melody anymore. Now, she's a shy, scared, and vulnerable Melody who doesn't know how she is going to get through the rest of her Senior Year. Sad, and heartbreaking, events from her past haunts her as she walks around the halls alone.

But this time, she is going to search long and hard for her Prince Charming and for the old Melody who has gone missing. Not only that, but she intends to make the rest of her Senior Year, a good one.

And the best part? The jerks aren't here to stop her.

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unicorns2132 unicorns2132 Jul 21, 2016
Luv it I can already imagine some of the things that could happen
bianca-redfern bianca-redfern Dec 02, 2016
I would do pole dancing😂 not to dance like a stripper but just for the excercises and hello it would be awesome to be able to actually do tricks on a pole 😂
ayeshasayed03 ayeshasayed03 Jul 19, 2016
Like the innocent & shy melody but also want in some brave & bold melody😘.
                              Love the beginning😃
naeluveya naeluveya Dec 09, 2016
Why do I feel like Some of the boys or all the boys will be there
Julianap199_ Julianap199_ Jul 19, 2016
Do you think Lucy,Tristan,Alex, or any of the jerks will make an appearance in the book at all? I'm still kind of a melody/Justin shipper lol😂
JasminNovak JasminNovak Aug 03, 2016
I have a feeling....I have decided to shop vi and melody because I'm bored and something to think about ig lolz ummm......yeah.....