Frankly, [✔]

Frankly, [✔]

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Frankly, as much as you hated admitting it, your sister seemed to be right about Dundee being as weird as it was a decade ago.

Frankly, you had all you needed and you were ready to find a new house and it was a bargain, too. Yet the only problem seemed to be that there was a catch---the neighbours.

Frankly, you were sure things only got bad between ex-friends because you came in the middle of it all.


❐ Chapter 13 already states "WARNING: NSFW AHEAD" for Chapter 14, so don't tell me "I wasn't expecting NSFW" or you "weren't hoping for it" or that you're "drinking bleach with Leafy". My rule is simple, if you're not mature enough, fuck off. Don't read. 

❐ Don't want to read it, fuck off. Nothing nice to say, shut up. It's that simple. I've had enough of all this bullshit on my NSFW chapter, so don't expect me to be nice to you.

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