Negative vibes - leafyishere -

Negative vibes - leafyishere -

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"When two headstrong people clash, love will blossom." ~some inspirational poet

"You're so fucking cringey." He remarks, trying to roast you.

Keemstar was sitting there, trying to see where this fight over Sky pe was going.

"My fanbase says otherwise." You retort.

The chat was blowing up.

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0Kyoshii0 0Kyoshii0 Jun 13
lol I really don't see much wrong with the kid, maybe I'm biased bc I'm a protective little bitch over everyone on the entire planet
Hmm, I mean the only thing I dislile about Jacob is he is spoiled ( not a spoiled 'brat' though.) and I don't like his music, other than that I know nothing about him so I have no right to judge.
Can I make my own 
                              Like the 'I'm only here 'cause I get no sleep percentage
I don't even watch his videos but a friend recommended it sooo
Aarron79 Aarron79 Apr 07
When we hear the word positive, we can see a ray of hope. The ray will shine one day, when we fully become positive.
kkurtaa kkurtaa Feb 04
i have my own rank and it's the 'not even here cause sleep' rank