Good to bad (BEING Rewritten)

Good to bad (BEING Rewritten)

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(Being rewritten) 
BTW, there will be name changes for some characters. 

/First book to the Ryan series..../

Tamara Memphis is apart of one of the most powerful families in Los Angeles, she's the daughter of a very powerful gang leader. 

She grew up sharing the city with another power-hungry family, who wants full control, just like the Memphis's do. 

Both families are hungry for power and both want complete control over the city. While they are constantly at war, a new gang enters the war, threatening both of the families. 

When they are both forced into an agreement, Tamara is pushed into the feud, even more, meeting Jackson Ryan, the son of her families enemy.

They both share a hatred for each other and they're families. 

She can't stand his cockiness and he can't stand her period, but they're forced into each other lives. 

This makes everyone question whether there could ever be peace between the families, especially when Jackson begins to get attached to her. 

She was told to stay away, but could she stay away?

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