Good to bad (COMPLETED)✔️

Good to bad (COMPLETED)✔️

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*The story is not accurate, sorry

Tamara Zoey Memphis  is back. When I mean back I mean she's new. 

Four years ago she ran away from home to find her real dad and has been gone that long then. She left for a couple of  reasons, she was being bullied, she needed to find her real self, and she needed answers.

When she left she was taught how to fight and defend herself. When she returns to North Shore High she is new and improved. Not only that she is the complete opposite from what she use to be. 

She is now the new street fighter and dancer. She earns her money dancing and it seems to help her out, but not as much as the fighting does. They say fightings her soul. 

Plus her dads part of a gang, which means by blood she is a gang leaders daughter. 

When she returns everyone is surprised by the nerds New appearance, even the bad boy and gang  leader Jackson Ryan. After she returns he tries figure out who she really is and what's her secret. 

Jackson Ryan is Tamara's family's rival enemy. The truth is the Memphis and Ryan families have never gotten along without a fight. Meaning Jackson and Tamara's fathers have never agreed on one thing.

But when the families are forced  collide to fight a rival gang, will the family be able to stop the fighting? 

Tamara soon disobeys her dads rules and is found out to be carrying something that may solve their disagreements.

Tamara will go up and down, and protect for the things she  treasures the most. Even if it means Jackson does or doesn't know.

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I don't like it sorry but its cute but a little over the top.
😂😂😂😂the open space on her back looks like a butt crack
mArkeshIAiju mArkeshIAiju Oct 23, 2016
Wait does he hit on them like beat/punch them or are you talking about like flirting with them