love junkie [ junkrat x reader ]

love junkie [ junkrat x reader ]

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You joined Overwatch to become a hero!
...But youre stuck as head chef. 
Climbing your way up the ladder to being a hero wont be easy, especially when you have a rat on your tail. 

[[hate to love relationship with junkrat]]

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Jamison-Fawkes Jamison-Fawkes May 30, 2018
Y/N: "JaMiSon FaWkEs, gEt YouR ArSe OvEr HeRe ThiS iNsTanT! >:00000"
                              Oh you're in trouble now, boi.
darkiplier781 darkiplier781 Jun 29, 2018
For tonight we well have burnt toust and milk in a bowl cuz I ate all the circle....
Madame_Diamond Madame_Diamond Jun 10, 2018
Who wants macaroni and cookies? 
                              Because that's all I can make
Madame_Diamond Madame_Diamond Jun 10, 2018
Mr ain't got no dick he probably blew it off from all the explosives 
                              That or it's so small that the bombs keep missing
octaviaovo octaviaovo Jun 12, 2018
It took me like 5 minutes to work out what he just said 😂
Personified_Gay Personified_Gay Nov 04, 2018
I mean
                              If you lived with radiation in your veins 
                              You can’t exactly blame ‘im