love junkie [ junkrat x reader ]

love junkie [ junkrat x reader ]

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You joined Overwatch to become a hero!
...But youre stuck as head chef. 
Climbing your way up the ladder to being a hero wont be easy, especially when you have a rat on your tail. 

[[hate to love relationship with junkrat]]

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RainehDay RainehDay Mar 16
Wouldn't putting your best dishes out be a better first impression?
- - Mar 15
This isn't me...
                              If this happened...
                              I would throw one of the shards at Junkrat, and probably hurt him somehow
Sanere01 Sanere01 Apr 04
the one's I would see are, Winston, Roadhog, Orisa and Zarya, maybe Zenyatta and Pharah
Harlows_way Harlows_way Apr 21
Listen children first lesson of the day. I always win NO MATTER WHAT. 
                              I would probably scare the Sugar Honey Ice Tea out of them
- - Mar 15
Still isn't me, I would go:
                              "Well. I am going to let him starve!"
RainehDay RainehDay Jan 21
it would be great if junkrat just walked in on me and mercy having a conversation about him being skinny