The Mate All The Alphas Want

The Mate All The Alphas Want

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Jezzabelle ♡ By jezzabelle50 Updated Sep 11, 2016

Jezzabelle Jackelyn Johnson. The daughter of the most feared alpha of all packs. Her father owned more then millions of wolves in his pack. His pack was the biggest, strongest, and most powerful. 

In the entire kindom of Wolves Island, there are 15 packs on the island. Jezzabelle's father's pack included. 

In each pack there was a strong Alpha. Every week the alphas attend the Johnson's household with respect. In the meetings they do check ups, training, and business. 

But what happens when in one of those business meetings the most feared alpha brings along his 17 year old daughter. Who is supposed to be meeting her mate any day now. There was no denying that Jezzabelle was a very beautiful she-wolf indeed. And the fact that she hasn't found her mate made the alphas on the island notice her even more.

With her father forbidding his daughter from her mate, her mothers tragic death,her over protective brother, and her humongous ego, how does she find her mate? 

Read and find out! 

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mk_reads mk_reads Sep 27, 2017
Isn't a werewolf already half human and wolf so that makes this girl a mother FRICKING quarter #maths
vannahgreyy vannahgreyy Oct 19, 2017
Before I start reading I gotta go grab my lemonade and get in my formation
marquita16 marquita16 Jan 28
My reaction:😂😂😂
                              Normal persons reaction:😦😦😦
Dallas6814 Dallas6814 Feb 05
Ahh!! My eyes are blinded!!! I'm still inmature for a 16 year old!!!
DestinyStewart16 DestinyStewart16 Jan 03, 2017
Love to read this it look very cool i believe i will love it😘😻😍💓💓💓💋